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How Do My Music Workshop's Online Drum Lessons Work?

Online drum lessons have become a great way for kids (or anyone) to learn to play the drums. Check out what makes these lessons great below!

Check out My Music Workshop's online drum lessons

My Music Workshop founder Elias Berlinger playing the drums.

Nice to Meet You

Hi I'm Elias Berlinger, co-founder of My Music Workshop. I’ve been teaching drums for nearly 20 years. I’ve taught young and old, and I’ve found so much joy in watching my students fall in love with the instrument that first inspired me to become a musician and teacher.

Your Options for Learning to Play the Drums

Today there are so many options to learn to play the drums. As a parent, or prospective drum student, how do you find the best way to learn to play? Should you watch YouTube videos, find a local drum teacher, or sign up for drum lessons online?

Why Online Drum Lessons are Great

There are advantages and disadvantages to all of these options. But, let’s talk about my favorite way to learn to play drums, online drum lessons.

I have taught drum (and many other music) lessons in person, and we have a YouTube channel, but I think that online drum lessons offer an amazing bang for your buck and are a fantastic way for kids, or anyone to learn to play the drums.

One of the advantages to learning to play drums online, with an online drum program, as opposed to YouTube, is that an online drum program will keep students on track, moving from one lesson to the next in the right order. Online programs are built for the student to maximize learning and minimize wasting time searching for what to learn. YouTube has tons of content, but it can be tricky to know where to start and what to move to next. Online drum lessons with reputable programs take the guess work out of it, and they won’t break the bank. So, it’s certainly worth the investment if you or your child is serious about learning to play the drums.

Online Drum Lessons at My Music Workshop

At My Music Workshop we offer online, on-demand drum lessons. You can access the lessons and practice tracks at any time and learn as much or as little as you want in each session. We provide recommendations as to how to progress through our lessons but, you can always do more, or less.

Check out a one minute preview of our lessons:

Single Drum Lessons with My Music Workshop

Our drum lessons, start right at the beginning, with the basics. We begin by teaching lessons using only the hands. We teach different sticking patterns to get students comfortable with some of what is required to play the drum set. We also use a color coded system that makes it super easy to follow along AND helps kids learn to read music.

Drumset lesson with My Music Workshop

Then we move on to lessons on the full drum set, where we begin with the most basic (but also fun and usable) drumbeat. Students simply need to have a drum set and sticks to follow along and learn. We break down each beat step-by-step and explain exactly what to do. After we explain and teach each piece of the drumbeat, we give the student the opportunity to practice the beat, slowly at first. They practice along with a drummer, where they can see every move the drummer makes so they can easily follow along.

Once the student learns the drum beat at a slower speed, we “pick up the tempo” and practice along with music. We create our own music to go with every drum lesson (we call them jam alongs). The music is created to go perfectly with the beat that we just learned which makes it fun to practice. Practicing along with music is one of the best ways for students to stay engaged and motivated when they are learning something new. It’s much more fun to practice along with music than without music. Playing to music also gets students prepared to play music with others. Which is a major goal of learning to play an instrument.

Some other things that make our online drum lessons effective is the fact that students can repeat them or go back to a part of the lesson that they may want to watch again. The perspective we show of the drummer is from above, so students can see exactly what to do. We also isolate different parts of what we are learning so students can break things down into smaller, easier to learn chunks.

Learning Music Has to Be FUN for Kids

Our goal is to make learning the drums wildly fun! I mean, playing music is wildly fun, especially when students realize that they are actually making music. Our students start playing real drumbeats from the very first drum set lesson and they can use that beat in tons of real songs. It’s all about making our students successful from the beginning so they enjoy learning and continue playing.

We want all of our students to love learning to play drums with us at My Music Workshop, so we let anyone sign-up and try the full program, totally free for a week, to make sure they like it. If you, or someone you know is interested in learning to play the drums you can check out My Music Workshop here.

My Music Workshop Home Page

"My First Drum Book for Kids"

Drum Book for Kids

In addition to our drum lessons online, we also have a drum book for kids that uses our own, unique learning method.

The book comes with a color-coded pad, that you can cut out, place on a drum or a rug (or just about anything). Just cut it out and you're ready to go.

Drum cutout for My First Drum Book for Kids

Then use the color-coded patterns inside the book to play all sorts of cool drumming patterns. There are over 60 drum patterns inside the book. You can grab a copy on Amazon by clicking here.

My Music Workshop Color-Coded Drum Pattern

We hope your child starts learning drums and that it becomes a lifelong passion! Cheers!

Try My Music Workshop free for a week!

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