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Learn all about My Music Workshop, our lessons, and our approach. Find answers to common questions about membership, music, and much more. Have a question that we still haven't answered? Feel free to get in touch.

  • What does my membership include?
    Your My Music Workshop Membership includes the following: 1. Full access to all of our lessons (piano, drums, ukulele, reading music, music basics, instrument exploration, rhythm and the beat, songs and pre-planned lessons). Many new lessons are added every week! 2. Downloadable worksheets that go with nearly every single lesson 3. Music Dowloads (practice tracks that go with instrument lessons plus downloadable children's music) 4. Email Support from your teachers! Send us questions any time and we will respond quickly to provide you and your child help and support as they learn music. Use our contact form to reach your teachers directly.
  • How much does your program cost?
    Check out pricing and membership details here.
  • How long have you been teaching music?
    My Music workshop has been in business for 13 years! We have taught music to thousands of children, both in-person and online, during that time. We have developed and used our own curriculum to teach music that makes learning music fun and exciting for kids! Our founders Elias and Lianna Berlinger create all the lessons that you see. Mr. Elias is also the onscreen teacher that is part of the My Music Workshop program.
  • How often should my child be doing their music lessons?
    This depends on the age of your child. Younger students (4-5 year olds) should do at least one lesson per week in one of the areas marked all ages. Choose what area you'd like to learn from and repeat as much as you want. OR, go to our "Pre-Planned Lessons" area and do one of the lessons each week. You can always do more if your child is ready. Also be sure to download the worksheets that accompany the lessons and spend some time working on those as well. Students who learn to play Piano, Drums or Ukulele with us should spend at least 15-30 minutes per week doing lessons, repeating is ok and encouraged! Then, they should plan to practice at least a few times per week as well. They can practice along with our lessons or jam alongs, or on their own. The more practice the better but 15 per day, three days per week practice is a good starting point. Have Fun, thats the most important thing!
  • Is this a replacement for private lessons?
    Yes! But, My Music Workshop also works perfectly along side in person lessons. My Music Workshop is convenient for families because lessons can be done at home, at a child's own pace and can be repeated. We also offer real music to practice to with our "Jam Alongs," (playing also with music is one of the best way to learn an instrument). In addition, we have loads of other musical lessons that teach things like reading music, instrument exploration, rhythm, patterns, songs and a whole lot more. These are a great compliment to our instrument lessons. We also have tons of content for younger students as well who are musical but not old enough to start private instrument lessons.
  • What are the benefits of learning music online vs. in person?
    Learning music online is the most convenient way to learn music. With online learning becoming more common, adding online music lessons is a great way to round out a complete learning program. In person lessons and classes are also great when they are available and if they are done through quality programs and teachers and are a great compliment to online music education or on their own. Our online lessons do allow flexibily, repetition, they are cost effective, they bring in fun things like sounds, stories, examples, activities, original music and more.
  • What will my child learn?
    We offer a lot of music instruction for your child. First we have piano lessons, drum lessons and ukulele (more lesson areas are coming soon). We also offer lessons in music theory, recognizing notes, song forms and patterns, high and low sounds, reading music through counting, singing and clapping, recognizing the sounds of various instruments and instrument families (string, wind etc.), slow and fast, the emotions that different types of music and musical sounds evoke and much more. The great thing is that your child can learn an instrument AND learn a lot more about music, that will help them on their instrument. OR, if they aren't ready to play an instrument, are younger, or aren't sure what instrument to choose, they don't have to do our instrument lessons, there's tons more to learn about music than just our instrument lessons!
  • Do you offer support to students and families?
    Yes! We offer both lesson support and technical support. You can reach us directly to receive fast answers to your questions via our "contact us" page. Ask us anything! In nearly every case we reply within just a few hours or less. You'll receive answers from music teaching professionals with decades of experience teaching music to kids.
  • How can I support my child as they learn music?
    We know most parents aren't musicians. The best thing you can do is encourage your child to participate in their lessons, be consistent and be supportive of their musical journey. Learning music takes time and patience, but it should be fun. Who knows, if you’re not a musician you may learn a lit bit from My Music Workshop too! You can also check out our parent resource "10 Simple Ways to Support Your Child as They Learn an Instrument" by clicking HERE.
  • What’s the difference between My Music Workshop and private lessons?
    Private lessons focus on one instrument and learning the skills to play that instrument. With the right teacher private lessons can be amazing. My Music Workshop offers piano lessons, drum lessons and ukulele lessons (more coming soon). Our lessons can be repeated as many times as you would like and they contain built in practice, called "Jam Alongs." These are real musical tracks that kids can play their instrument along with. Playing to music is one of the best ways to improve on an instrument. We offer that chance with each lesson. We also have additional music lessons focus on a broad range of musical topics that can enhance learning an instrument, or can stand alone to develop a child’s musical interest and skills.
  • Can I cancel anytime?
    Yes! If you cancel before the free trial is over you won't be charged. If you cancel after your membership has started you will have access until the end of the term you paid for but then your membership will end and you won't be charged any longer.
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    You can cancel your membership at any time you wish. Billing will immediately stop and you either won't be charged (if you cancel before the end of your trial), or you'll stop being charged. If you choose to cancel your membership just click "Your Account" at the bottom of the home page. This will open your member profile - and depending on your membership, you can either cancel directly from your member profile, or you will be directed to our Contact Page and asked to submit a cancel request there. All members who sign up after June 2021 can cancel on their own.

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