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It's Fun to Strum

About Our Kids Ukulele Lessons

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Learn to Play Ukulele

The ukulele is an awesome instrument for kids to learn. Ukuleles are easy to pick up, fun to play, and our step-by-step lessons will get your kids playing music right away!
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  How Our Lessons Work  


Kids learn by playing along with easy-to-follow lessons and they jam along to music played by real musicians.


Each lesson introduces new concepts - kids can practice for a while, or move on to new lessons if they feel ready.

Lessons are on-demand and always available - so your kids can learn when it's convenient, and go at their own pace.

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A world of music

The Instrument

The Ukulele is a great instrument for kids, to learn! Here’s why:


  • It’s the perfect size for kids

  • Kids can play songs quickly with just a few simple chords

  • Ukuleles are portable and affordable

​A musical life starts here

Our Lessons

Our lessons are active, playful, and paced to help young minds grow. Every new step builds on the last - which lets your kids gain confidence as they develop their ukulele skills.

Our lessons make everything easy to learn. We make sure kids understand notes, chords, and rhythm - and from the get go we have them playing along with music; which is instructive and fun!

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Put it all together

Play Some Tunes

To be successful, a ukulele player needs to have an understanding of chords, strumming patterns, rhythm, and technique – so that's exactly what we teach them.


We bring musical concepts and practices together to create an educational experience that nurtures creativity, fosters a love of music, and make your kids feel like they are part of the band.


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