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How Do My Music Workshop's Online Piano Lessons Work?

Online piano lessons have become a great way for kids (or anyone) to learn to play the piano. Check out what makes these lessons great below!

How do our online piano lessons work?

So Many Options to Learn Piano

Today there are so many options to learn to play piano. As a parent, or prospective piano student, how do you find the best way to learn to play. Should you watch YouTube videos, find a local piano teacher, or sign up for piano lessons online?

Why Learning Piano Online is a Great Option

There are advantages and disadvantages to all of these options. But, let’s talk about my favorite way to learn to play piano, online piano lessons. I have taught piano (and many other music) lessons in person, and we have a My Music Workshop YouTube channel, but I think that online piano lessons offer an amazing bang for your buck and are a fantastic way for kids, or anyone to learn to play the piano.

One of the advantages to learning to play piano online, with an online piano program, as opposed to YouTube, is that an online piano program will keep students on track, moving from one lesson to the next in the right order. Online programs are built for the student to maximize learning and minimize wasting time searching for what to learn.

YouTube has tons of content, but it can be tricky to know where to start and what to move to next. Online piano lessons with reputable programs take the guess work out of it, and they won’t break the bank. So, it’s certainly worth the investment if you or your child is serious about learning to play the piano.

Our Online Piano Lessons at My Music Workshop

At My Music Workshop we offer online, on-demand piano lessons. You can access the lessons and practice tracks at any time and learn as much or as little as you want in each session. We provide recommendations as to how to progress through our lessons but, you can always do more, or less.

Our piano lessons, start right at the beginning, with the basics. We begin by teaching kids how the keys are laid out. We use our popular D for Dog story to help kids find the D, then the other keys, from there. Our first playing lesson uses just the right hand and the first three fingers, the thumb, first and middle.

Built in Practice

After that first lesson we give kids a chance to practice what they just learned along with some fun music. They’ll play their new pattern a few times while working on keeping it in time with the music. This makes it waaaay more fun to practice than just practicing the pattern by itself. This also gets kids starting to use their ears to listen while they play. This is an important skill for musicians to know and it’s great to start learning this right from the beginning.

What Kids Learn at My Music Workshop

After getting our students right hands to do a few cool things we start moving on to using both hands to play, then we get those hands to move into different positions on the piano, moving up and down the keys.

We also cover chords, scales, and teach kids some songs. Each and every lesson has music that goes with it for practice. We want kids to stick with the piano and when practice is fun, kids are much more likely to want to play. That’s why we created our jam along practice tracks.

Some other things that make our online piano lessons effective is the fact that students can repeat them or go back to a part of the lesson that they may want to watch again. The perspective we show of the piano is from above, so students can see exactly what to do and follow along. We also isolate different parts of what we are learning so students can break things down into smaller, easier to learn chunks.

Here's a Preview of Our Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons for Kids Have to Be FUN

Our goal is to make learning the piano wildly fun! I mean, playing music is wildly fun, especially when students realize that they are actually making music. Our students start playing along with music from the very first piano set lesson which is all about helping inspire kids to want to keep playing. Music is play and play is supposed to be fun. Our kids piano lessons are set up to be fun while also being educational.

We want all of our students to love learning to play piano with us at My Music Workshop, so we offer the program totally free for a week, to make sure they like it. If you, or someone you know is interested in learning to play the piano you can try a free week with us below!

Check out more piano resources for parents:

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