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Music classroom lessons


Mrs Lianna

Mrs. Lianna has taught music to kids for her whole career. She finds deep joy in connecting children to music. She taught the very first My Music Workshop class in 2009 and has taught thousands of children since. She has written dozens of original kids songs that have been sung in over 30 countries and enjoyed in classrooms for over a decade.

She is also a lifelong musician whose mom inspired her to learn piano, guitar and singing. She loves to sing and play music with her two kids and continues to write and perform music for kids and adults.

Drum lessons
Mr Elias teaching a music lesson
Co-Owners Mrs Lianna & Mr Elias

Fun Fact

Lianna once appeared on a season of American Idol. She was was featured in the Top 100, and sang a truly rockin' version of “Something to Talk About." (She loves "Step-Brothers").


Make Some Music

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